Enjoy Great discount & Travel in March

March is the month when all things come together. After a warm and pleasant spring, and in the upcoming summer, you must make a trip. At this point, turn on your UTV, spend time with your family in the nearby fields and forests, enjoy the scenery and live this beautiful March.

March is also a wonderful month for Kemimoto. At the end of this month, we want to offer our customers more discounts on quality products. Let's say goodbye to the warm spring and greet the romantic summer.

The March travel season is a full stop event organized by Kemimoto. We also invited some YouTuber celebrities to evaluate our products. Currently, you are welcome to get discount codes for the entire website, or cheer up your favorite Internet celebrities, get their specific product discount codes, and get quality and cheap products.

So how to participate in this event?

  1. Get your website discount (Kemimototrip)code directly, or see more specific discount codes in youtube videos
  2. Enter our Facebook group and Instagram account, these official channels will make you get Kemimoto's more discount faster.
  3. Website 10% off code: Kemimototrip

I hope everyone can enjoy a wonderful spring with Kemimoto during this March holiday.