Excellent UTV For UTV High Temperature

In the UTV market, Honda's presence doesn't seem to be too high, especially when it comes to UTV most in china than Bombardier and Polaris, and even the Arctic Cat and Breeze.

Honda UTV seems to be more functional and is a popular product for many farmers, but for off-roaders, playability is not high. But that's all before, because of the arrival of Talon, Which is Honda's product for off-road enthusiasts who enjoy extreme sports.

Talon There are two models:1000R and 1000X. Power is powered by a 999cc in-line two-cylinder engine with a maximum power of 78kWand a weight of less than 700kg. Perhaps you don't think there's anything too stunning about this power performance compared to Bombardier or Polaris, so the drivetrain's DCT dual clutch transmission is sure to shine a light on your eyes.

It is well known that most UTVs on the market use CVT transmissions, but its advantages and disadvantages are equally obvious. The advantages are simple structure, small size, light weight, high transmission efficiency. The disadvantage is that in the off-road process is prone to high temperature, slip and other problems. The DCT dual-clutch transmission would then perform better than the CVT transmission and would theoretically perform better in terms of reliability and service life. However, it is important to note that DCT also has its own problems, such as a drop in gear and a loss of power.

6th The DCT dual clutch transmission is Talon's biggest product highlight, but in addition the I-4WD is also a product highlight that cannot be ignored. Talon uses second-generation I-4WD technology, which is no different from many of the "smart" four-wheel drive systems on the market, which also uses the computation of a driving computer for power and braking.

And whether it can really help you to correct the small mistakes in the off-road process, I don't think it needs to worry, after all, Honda as the world's best-known "technology house", the technical results are obvious to all. In addition to the I-4WD, Talon is equipped with a number of "black technologies" such as Unicam® cylinder head design, high-flow fuel injection systems, and cylinder bias.

So here's the question, which do you think is more reliable for Talon and Bombardier X3 or Polaris RZR?