switchjv's review of the storage bags for the RZR1000 xp

In this video,  switchjv show us how the storage bag looks like and install it on the SXS. 

"Kemimoto actually sent me a couple of bags here storage bags for my RZR 1000 and my side-by-side so and it was something that I was looking into because I always needed a place to either put a phone or tools. you know just small things cuz if you guys have one of these ATVs or UTVs you know that there's not a lot of storage room inside them. I mean there's like a small cubby hole in the center and it has like a glove box but they're really small and you know what these things you can actually put you know let the map phone a drink whatever. they also unzip here then you can put some more stuff in here the nice thing about this thing on the inside is it's waterproof and it's desperate and you know especially if you go out to the sand dunes there's a lot of dust and and right here on this side there is a like a knee pad so you put it on the door basically you mount this on the door and right here you have a knee pad so you don't be banging the size of your knees on there on the door."

Product: https://www.kemimoto.com/products/side-mirrors-for-utv